Jiglu Debuts Intelligent Tagging Tool

Jiglu, whose automatic intelligent tagging tool promises to make tagging blogs easy, fast and free, today announced general availability of its new service.

The Jiglu tagging tool offers web publishers an alternative to time-consuming manual tagging and linking and helps drive readers deeper into the content of blogs, wikis and other websites.

Available for use with any English language website, the Jiglu tagging tool can be quickly and easily installed directly from the Jiglu website.

After downloading, Jiglu's servers -- triggered by a single line of Javascript code -- are then able to automatically break down posts into component parts and analyze how the content in those pieces all fit together. Once the relationships are established, Jiglu tags and links to the content.

"There's a lot of unstructured information on the web today, and much of it is held in multiple, unrelated silos.

Web publishers attempt to tag this information in order to drive readers deeper into their sites, but manual tagging is far too labor intensive and time consuming," said Nigel Cannings, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jiglu.

"Jiglu now enables users to immediately structure their information and effectively connect all appropriate content within a blog or across a number of websites -- automatically.

This means more ad revenue for each blogger, without the headache of manual tagging."

Jiglu is capable of aggregating up to 10 blogs or websites. It supports automatic upload to Blogger and TypePad, together with native support for Moveable Type and Wordpress widget-enabled blogs.

Jiglu also offers a generic widget code that can be used across most other blogging platforms.

"Jiglu has had a dramatic effect on how readers navigate my blog," said Jeffrey Doyle, publisher of Paco Villa's CCPOA Blog. Since adding Jiglu, the average number page-views by each unique visitor has more than doubled, according to Site Meter reports. As my page views go up, so do my revenue checks -- there's a direct correlation."

The Jiglu automatic intelligent tagging tool is offered free to users and is supported by discreet advertising against its search results.

For users who do not want advertising, Jiglu is developing a private-label premium version.