40GB Playstation 3 model is a flop

Figures released by ChartTrack, the UK gaming official chart, show that Sony's Playstation 3 sales have been boosted more by the recent drop in price than by the introduction of a 40GB non-PS2 compatible PS3 console.

Gamespot writes that there was a 178 percent incrase in sale of the console compared to the previous week and nine out of ten consoles sold were the 60GB model rather than the 40GB one.

Gamers were quite pleased to fork out the extra £50 to get two more games and a few more goodies, rather than own a cut-down Playstation 3 "lite".

The sales of the 60GB model were also boosted by the fact that some stores like Virgin Megastores were bundling two Blu-ray movies on top of the default package.