Leopard is out on the 26th, says Apple

The Leopard is out of its cage next week, according to The Register and Guardian Unlimited.

Mac OS X 10.5 will go on sale in the UK on Friday 26th October at 6pm, nearly four months after it was announced, with a price of £85 or USD 129 if you buy it in the US of A - a family pack which allows you to install it on up to five computers is also available for £129.

The 300+ new features of the next Mac OSX are presented on Apple's website and you can already pre-order it online.

Amongst the goodies is the final version of Boot Camp which will give Windows Users a good reason to cross the line and convert to Mac.

The sixth version of Mac OS X is sure to get critics belching that Steve Jobs is milking its customers by releasing what are essentially Service Packs and added goodies; whether this will prevent OS X version 7 to come out is another issue.