India moves to protect customer data in its call centres

Stung by criticisms that its call centres have been leaking significant amounts of customer information to the criminal fraternity, the Indian government has cleared a series of amendments to the IT Act, a move that it claims will strengthen data security at call centres.

The move reportedly prepares the way for a Bill that makes it a serious crime to pass along customer data from a call centre, as well as making identity theft a specific cybercrime.

Is this likely to raise confidence in Indian call centres not leaking customer data? I doubt it.

Is this likely to change things on the Indian call centre fraud front? I doubt it.

Will this result in UK companies proudly announcing that your data is in safe hands when it flows to India? Probably.

Some experts have said that the Indian government needs to go beyond simple amendments to the Act and have much more stringent data protection legislation in place.

After revisiting Channel 4's Dispatches on the subject - ah the joy of Internet reruns -Ed- I'm inclined to agree.

Have a good weekend everyone...