Are Chinese hijacking the Internet?

There have been several accounts of web users being redirected from well known websites like Google or Yahoo to Chinese ones like Baidu.

Techcrunch is arguing that this might be a step by China to block all three major search engines (incidentally, all US-based) and redirect the Chinese users to Baidu.

Several independent sources from various countries (US, South African etc) have confirmed that the hijacking was still taking place at the time of writing.

It looks though that the traffic diversion is affecting only mainland China.

Another related news is that the newly released Google Youtube (Hong Kong) has been blocked in China.

Blogoscoped observes that all Chinese DNS servers are controlled by the government.. which might explain a few things.

A possible reason for that might be that the Chinese government is miffed by the fact that US government is just about to grant an award to the Dalai Lama.

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