Google PageRank updates shakes online publishing industry

Google has modified its Page Rank algorithm overnight in a bid to weed out blog link farms (BLFs) which are purposely built to squeeze money out of the Google Ad structure.

BLFs have used the proven knowledge that Google rewards cross site links with a higher Google Page Rank to create millions of outgoing links to other websites within their own networks - and rake in the money at Google's costs.

However, some like Amit from Digital Inspiration, think that Google is penalising those websites who are selling rival text link adverts.

Worryingly though, major websites like Problogger, Forbes or SFgate, have suffered serious collateral damage as their PR indices, which is essentially a way of gauging your popularity on Google, have dramatically fallen.

Some like, a popular free website counter, has suffered a fall of four places, from PR10 to PR6. Cross Linking however is a common feature in the blogosphere.

For example, Yuvi, a blogger from Chennai, India has come up with an analysis of, one of the flagship websites of Web 2.0 and that the site linked to itself and sister sites, 46% of the time since June 2007.