Gutsy Gibbon gives Vista, Leopard a run for their money

A gutsy new Linux system, Ubuntu 7.10 officially released.

Ubuntu's New 'Gutsy Gibbon' Brings Linux Out of the Jungle.

Ubuntu version 7.10 AKA Gutsy Gibbon, has been given the green light by its developers as reported by Wired where the Debian-based Operating system was tested and tried.

According to them, GG is almost as good as Mac OS X and certainly better than Windows Vista.

One tester got a perfect "quad trick" with his Wi-Fi, printing, digital camera AND ipod working without any additional piece of software (Drivers or Software).

For those who would like to test the system first, Gutsy Gibbon is available as a Live CD which can be used on any recent computer.

Bear in mind though that running Ubuntu from a CDROM is slower than running it from a hard drive.

GG includes everything and the kitchen sink - Xorg,, Firefox and a slew of other more or less applications have been included in this release.

However, it is under the hood that the big changes have been occuring : a more power savvy kernel, tracker search and indexing system, a default 3D desktop user interface and support for NTFS will all make life better for users and a bit more complicated for bean counters at Apple and Microsoft.