IBM pushes 100x WiFi killer

IBM has partnered with Taiwan Based Mediatek to create a new chipset that can convey a high definition movie within seconds.

Theoretically, a 1.25GB file could be transmitted within 5 sec, offering a bandwidth of 250MB per sec, roughly 100x what can achieve on an average Wi-Fi link.

It is not known whether the technology, which uses millimetre wave, would be suitable for medium distances (above 20m) and through man made structures like walls.

Like Wi-Fi, wireless USB could also be a potential rival to IBM's mmWave radio technology.

Other factors which will determine whether the technology will be a success include the chipset's power consumption, compatibility concerns and the cost of the final product.

Widespread acceptance by hardware manufacturers is also pivotal for the success of that technology as Wi-Fi, Wireless USB, Wireless HDMI and WiMax have the backing of hundreds of companies.

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