Jobs pins high hope on a decade of OS Xes Being an Apple fan will cost you 15p a day

Apple's Leopard may be coming out on Friday the 26th but Apple's CEO is already looking well beyond the launch of OS 10.5.

Apple's Flamboyant Guru is planning to release a new operating system every 15 months on average for a foreseeable future, which essentially turns an Apple user into a paid-for subscriber.

At USD 129 though, an Apple OS is still much cheaper than Microsoft's Windows AND it doesn't cut corners or offer reduce functionalities.

Apple is also selling peripherals like the iPod and the iPhone that in turn attract customers to its Mac computer.

Apple is currently the third manufacturer in the US, behind Hewlett Packard ad Dell computers, although, the Cupertino firm is almost worth the combined market capitalisations of the two computer manufacturers.

Apple is growing at almost twice the speed of its US competitors and is also making significant inroads in the laptop segment, at least in the US.

The perceived distinctiveness of Apple's laptops combined with their higher retail prices means that Apple can expect more revenues (and profit) per unit sold than any of its competitors.