New Memory Chip makes 128GB iPod possible

South Korean Semiconductor giant, Samsung has released the world's first 64Gb (8GB) NAND flash memory using a 30-nanometer process technology.

It is the first time that a mass produced component has used a 30-nm process and the first time as well that such a storage capacity is reached.

A maximum of 16 64Gb flash modules can be assembled together to provide with 128GB memory, enough to store 30 standard DVDs or more than 30,000 MP3 songs.

A 128GB iPod is therefore a distinct possibility for Christmas 2009.

The production of 64Gb NAND flash is expected to bring in up to USD 20 bn between 2009 and 2011 according to Research firm, Gartner Dataquest.

One key factor in a rapid time to market introduction is the fact that Samsung will be using existing photolithography equipment together with a new process called self-aligned double patterning technology or SaDPT.