Platial Acquires Frappr

Platial announced the acquisition of Frappr, the popular social map destination and widget network. The merger makes Platial the leader in social mapping with more than 15MM unique users per month and 100MM user-generated location-based information points including photos, videos, reviews, stories and people.

Platial’s CEO Di-Ann Eisnor says, “We are delighted to have the Frappr community join the Platial family. This reinforces our vision to connect people, neighborhoods and nations around the world. Together, we will make social mapping more accessible, more valuable and a more fundamental part of Web 2.0, encompassing mobile and local search. We will also introduce new, more effective advertising models using social data and location to create greater relevance.“

The company estimates that Platial-Frappr combination represents 25% of all distributed map widgets on the internet and one of the major online mapping sites generally.

Platial anticipates the growth of social mapping to accelerate rapidly in the coming months as the company creates easier, more rewarding ways for users to create and search geobits. Already, Frappr has millions of communities like Mythbusters with more than 30,000 members and Harley Riders with more than 18,000 members.

According to John Hanke, Director of Google Earth & Maps, “Without a doubt social mapping is only in its infancy and there is enormous opportunity still to be realized in providing users with simple, scalable tools for sharing information about the world around them. Platial continues to innovate to serve the needs of this growing community of mapping enthusiasts.”