Radiohead's free album, a hit on bittorrent

Radiohead's latest album was a worthy experiment for several reasons.

Firstly, it showed that having a record label is not a necessity in order to generate a hit. In Rainbows has already reached 1.2 million copies sold.

Secondly, when offered with the choice of paying for an album or not, most customers choose to buy rather than take the album for free.

The Times mentions that two thirds of customers forked on average of £4 which would bring in at least £4 million for the group as they cut out the middleman.

Third and more surprising though is the fact that people would rather get the album for free on P2P websites.

According to Forbes, the number of downloads of the album on bittorrent is set to exceed the number of legitimate sales.

Hence it comes as a surprise that most fans would rather steal music than legally download them at any price.