Apple revenues beat forecasts

The iPhone has been a smash hit, Leopard is finally coming to the shelves on the 26th of October and Apple Q3 results have hit a record high.

Revenues are up by nearly 30% at USD 6.22 bn (meaning that Apple is on track to reach USD 25 bn revenues per annum), net profits have reached USD 904 m, a stonking 67% rise over Q3 2006 while gross margin was 33.6%, enough to make any PC and hardware manufacturers cry with jealousy and envy.

Put it in another way. Every £1000 sold by Apple brings in £336 in profits. The Cupertino company has USD 15.4 bn in its coffers and has been particularly shy at acquisitions, preferring to dedicate financial resources to research, development and marketing.

Apple shares have reached USD 186.16, nearly 25 times more than when the share price was lingering around USD 7.50.

iPhones sales have been particularly good with 1.4 million iPhones sold since the device release in June.