Cisco buys WiMax pioneer, Navini, for USD 330m

Network Hardware Manufacturer Cisco Systems has purchased Navini, a provider of "Mobile Wireless Broadband", for USD 330m.

The deal provides Cisco with a ready to use range of WiMAX long-range wireless portfolio as well as an impressive list of customers and comes a few days after the United Nations approved WiMax as an alternative to existing 3G internet services.

Cisco is also keen to use Navini to penetrate hard-to-network, developing markets like those in Africa, Latin America or Asia.

Interestingly, Navini has a development branch was founded in May 2004 in Bangalore India and had launched a WiMax network in Mauritius back in 2005.

Also, Intel Capital, the investment arms of Intel, is one of the investors in Navini.

According to Daryl Scholar, a Senior Analyst for Research Firm In-stat, Cisco's purchase is a firm statement that WiMax is here to stay although it remains to be seen how Cisco will integrate WiMax with the rest of its (competing) technologies.