Post Office launches Broadband + Phone package

The Post Office has launched a Post Office Broadband and Homephone package that allows you to pay your line rental, your phone expenses and your broadband in one go.

Leaflets have been placed in most post offices, but although the deal seems to be easy to read and fair, it is not the best on the market.

The top package, called Post Office Homephone with Broadband Extra costs £26.95 comes with free evening and weekend calls to UK numbers and a 8mbps broadband line.

You will need to have a BT line or get one installed. A quick look around though shows that rivals have better packages.

Tiscali for example offers a £19.99 a month deal with free line rental, free anytime UK and International calls and a 8mbps broadband line whereas Talktalk provides an even better deal with unlimited international calls for a low £16.39 per month.

The Post Office signed with BT back in May 2007 and paid £750m to BT Wholesale to provide the backend for this service.