Get a Business PC with a 19-inch screen for £248.79 delivered

Ebuyer sells a HP Compaq Business Desktop dx2250 bundle with a 19-inch LCD Monitor for £248.79 after a stonking £165 cashback, including VAT and delivery. The HP Compaq dx2250 PC offers essential features and power efficient technologies and delivers reliability and performance for basic business requirements helping your business run more effectively.

This business computer is built around a single core Athlon 64+ 3800+ CPU, with 1GB memory, a 160GB SATA disk, Windows XP Professional, a DVD Rom and a good one year onsite warranty.

Those short for space will appreciate the fact that it comes in a mini tower format.

Reviewers have been praising the DX2250's silence as well as the optical mouse and good quality keyboard that comes with it.

The deal is sweetened by a HP L1906 LCD TFT Monitor 12ms 500:1(1280x1024) Carbon/silver Monitor.