Security boffins feel the pain of Storm

Storm Worm is proving to be one of the most resilient malware ever coded according to some security professionals who have attended the Interop conference.

The worm known for its ability to morph and change depending on the environmental threats now has a new card at hand.

It can, as eweek puts it, lobotomise popular anti-virus solutions, turning them into virtual zombies, in order not to raise any suspicions.

In effect the antivirii are brain-dead, running but not scanning anything. Some researchers have endured the wrath of the worm, experiencing first hand a deluge of Denial of Services (DDOS) as they tried to take the Storm worm's code apart.

The worm, which changes its signature 48 times a day, is said to be behind a super network of up to 50 million computers although PC World reports that it might be a tenth of its size.

There are also clear indications that the network of Storm Infected computers is being used sparingly in order to inflict maximum harm, pointing to the probability that it is "rented" out to criminal organisations with vested interests.