Apple opens Leopard's Golden Cage

The walls of most tube stations in Central London bear the image of an Apple product this morning. Not Leopard but the iPhone.

However, this doesn't mean that the Leopard (or OS X 10.5) is unimportant.

The latest Apple operating system is bound to become the most popular operating system ever launched by the Cupertino company as Apple sells more desktop and laptops than ever before.

Piper Jaffray analysts expect Leopard to add approximately USD 240 m in revenue to Apple's current quarter and is set to substantially increase the number of Mac users, which stands at around 23 million.

Apple has announced more than 300 new features in their new Operating system and although some of them are mere tweaks, there are some goodies like an upgraded Boot Camp, Spaces, Quick Look and Time Machine.

Unlike Microsoft Vista, Apple is planning to sell only one consumer version of its OS and is offering a 5-User family pack license for only $189.