BEA does a "facebook", puts its price at USD 8.2 bn

Oracle refused to add a USD 4 premium to BEA's share price.

The USD 21 looked "impossibly high" according to Oracle which valued the company at USD 6.6 bn, whereas BEA says that it is at least worth USD 1.6 bn extra.

The Entreprise software company has been irritated by "an 80 per cent premium to BEA's stock price before the appearance of activist shareholders who are pushing the BEA board to sell the company".

The Oracle offer expires on Sunday 28th of October and BEA has been coerced both by shareholders and by major investors to sell while it could.

BEA shares fell sharply on the news, cutting the company's valuation.

Should the deal not go through by the Sunday deadline, there are fears that BEA's share prices would fall even more as Oracle has already said that it would consider other acquisition targets should BEA refuse to sell.

Earlier in September, Rival SAP has already purchased Business Objects for USD 6.7 bn and the consolidation in this segment seems to have reached its apogee.