Jail time and USD 25m fines for Microsoft Super Scammers

Mirza and Sameena Ali are to be locked behind bars for the five years and will have to pay nearly USD 26m after they were found guilty of a mass Microsoft scam.

They were convicted back in December 2006 and were awaiting their sentences since then.

The couple, which ran a company called Samtech Research, purchased Microsoft Educational Software in bulk, through Microsoft's Authorised Education Reseller Program (AERP), before selling them at non-educational prices to companies.

Even after Microsoft revoked their license as member of the AERP, the pair toured the US and purchased smaller companies which held AERP licensing agreements Microsoft estimates that it has lost in excess of USD 60 million as a result of these criminal acts.

The two amongst a group of 27 arrested in April 2002 as part of operation Cyberstorm.

According to the US Department of Justice, most of the transactions were done in cash and the money was then ordered by purchasing real estate back in Pakistan.