PineApp offers zombie/botnet free network check service

PineApp, the Californian email security specialist, is offering anyone with a networked set of PCs the chance to check if their system is infected with a botnet or zombie spam-generating application.

Internet users are invited to surf on over to and enter their IP address. PineApp's servers will then check to see if the IP address is generating spam.

As you might expect, the free service is designed to act as a shop window for PineApp's Mail-Secure perimeter security appliance, which the firm claims offers a unique detection system that identifies zombies and blocks them in real time,

The appliance works by creating a buffer between the Internet and the company's email systems using a range of perimeter anti-spam/anti-virus security layers.

Complex stuff, but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding, so why not take advantage of this free service...?