Turkey/Sweden hacking war escalates

Behavioural analysis IT security specialist, Tier-3, says that companies can learn a lot from the escalating war currently taking place between Turkish and Swedish hackers.

"Reportedly this war kicked off when several Swedish newspapers published a caricature of the Muslim prophet Muhammad earlier this month. Turkish hackers started defacing Swedish Web sites leaving anti-Swedish messages, with Swedish hackers retaliating by breaking into the email and MSN accounts of Turkish forum users," said Geoff Sweeney, CTO of Tier-3.

"Things started to escalate last weekend when Web sites operated by Linköping Cathedral and Gothenburg Council were both defaced, and I expect its possible this battle will escalate further," he added.

Sweeney said that other companies can learn a lot from the methodology of the hackers in their various attacks they are using.

"It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that companies need to protect their Internet-connected resources using all available means possible.

Conventional IT security technology is clearly not stopping hackers on both sides from carrying out their attacks," he said.


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