VMWare : Virtualisation is hotter than ever

VMWare debut its life as a public company by doubling its sales to USD 358 m with net income rising to USD 64.7m up from USD 19.2m.

VMWare, which sells Virtualisation solution, is a spin-off of Data Storage Giant, EMC which sold 6 million VMWare shares to Network Hardware manufacturer Cisco and still retained 86% of VMWare's share.

VMware market capitalisation has now reached nearly USD 44 bn which is only USD 8 bn short of that of parent Company, EMC.

Part of the feverish activity surrounding VMware is due to the massive expectation that lies on its shoulder.

Virtualisation is VMware's bread and butter and until now, it has had a virtual monopoly based mainly on the fact that there were no serious competitors.

Microsoft however is preparing a strong contender for next year with Virtual PC 2007 which has had more than 2 million downloads since February 2007.

Don't write VMWare off though. Back last year, VMware president and co-founder Diane Greene hinted that Virtualisation might be instrumental in ending the reign of the (Traditional) Operating System. Watch out Microsoft.