Dell DID consider acquiring Gateway

Michael Dell, the CEO of the company that bears his name, has provided with clues that the number two PC company will probably start shopping around.

He also said that he did consider acquiring Gateway, its once mighty American Rival, but then decided against it.

Gateway has since been acquired by Acer, together with Emachines and Packard Bell.

Dell has only acquired minor companies to add to its portfolio.

It has recently started to sell its computers via retailers in a bid to revive its relatively sedate growth rate, something that Dell itself reviled for many years.

A recent report by research firm Gartner showed that Dell's worldwide marketshare dropped to 15.2 percent while that of HP approached 20 per cent.

As markets like US and Western Europe become mature and provides less growth, the focus will be on emerging markets and on how to cut "corporate IT management costs".

Michael Dell has also announced that it is going to launch products based on a new x86 architecture (probably AMD's Phenom) on the 14th November.