Gmail version 2.0 coming soon

Google has announced a few days ago that a new version of Gmail is coming soon and some lucky Gmail members have already seen it.

Major feature improvements will help Gmail catch up with the likes of Yahoo, Microsoft and Bluetie.

Google announced that it would rehaul its Javascript architecture to make message prefetching even faster.

Gmail is already faster at loading and fetching the message than its competitors.

There's a new contact manager coming up as well, which is going to be shared with other Google services like Google Docs and Google Calendar.

This will make Google's offerings even more integrated and offer a more compelling alternative to Microsoft's Outlook client.

Users can already use an offline Gmail version through Google Gears as well as benefit from Gmail's IMAP access.

Other widely expected improvements includes improvement significantly the User Interface as well as a to do list.

Firefox Google users can already use add-ons like Better Gmail to improve Gmail's features.