Lawsuits come to Second Life

Real life Entrepreneurs are suing a man on Second Life for selling their products in the virtual 3D environment.

The glitch though is that the products are not real. The lawsuit was filed against 36-year-old Flushing resident Thomas Simon, who has an avatar named Rase Kenzo on Second Life and believed that he could not be sued.

Simon has been accused of copying non-existing products and selling it on Second life.

These include shoes, clothes, beds and even sex items. Many consider Virtual Life as a game rather than a commercial environment.

The group of entrepreneurs seek damages equivalent to three times the profits they lost to this virtual piracy.

Second Life has more than 10 million registered users although a significant portion of those are inactive and some users have several accounts.

It is estimated that nearly USD 400 m worth of Virtual Life money (Linden Dollar) exchange hand every year.

Alexander Wolfe, of Informationweek Wolfe's Den, delved deeper into this lawsuit and reveals a few tasty bits.