hit by Denial of Service

Martin Lewis from launched a campaign against PPI policies (payment protection insurance) on Friday 26th October and the website has suffered from a Distributed Denial of Service ever since.

Although the site is not a commercial service (i.e. is not supported by adver),'s forums were a haven for those who looked for anything from advices to counselling and comfort.

As Martin puts it "Millions use this site, many rely on it for crucial info to make their lives better; some are desperate for help with their debts, and others want support through a myriad of issues. What you're doing is hurting many people, please stop." is the 100th most popular website in the UK and nearly two thirds of people visiting the website went to the forums.

Since the 26th of October, the site's worldwide rank fell heavily from 5600 to 10000 within a day.

Bloggers over the Interweb have pointed out to a number of culprits from the banks themselves to the Nigerian scammers.