Three launches Cheap Skypephone today

T3 and other online webzines are reporting that 3 is officially launching a Skype phone today.

The service will allow you to make free calls to other Skype users (that's nearly 250 million users worlwide) and cheap local calls either via 3's network.

Computer Shopper says that you will be unable to make cheap international landline calls using Skype though.

The best bit though remains the price. It costs £49.99 on a Pay as You Go basis, meaning that you are no binded by a contract.

For that price, you get a nice, Nokia-style phone with a large screen, a 2 MP digital camera and an MP3 player. Top ups are £10 a pop every 30 days and you can have the phone for free if you get a contract with 3.

Making Skype calls on it is dead easy, as you can see in this T3 video, thanks to a large Skype button sitting in the middle of the phone.

The 3G compatible Skypephone is available as from the 2nd of November and will be available in different colours (including black and white).


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