Cybercrime is UK's worse fear

Cyber Theft has been named as one of the UK’s most feared crimes with Brits believing themselves more susceptible to online fraudsters than any other criminals.

According to the latest survey, 87% of Brits admit they are worried about the threat of cyber theft.

A quarter also claim there isn’t enough information available on cyber theft to adequately protect themselves from it.

This research, conducted by AVG uncovered that financial transactions over the Internet are on the rise with 85% of people now using the Internet for shopping and over two thirds doing their banking online.

It seems our fears about cyber theft are rising too, with 43% of Brits feeling more susceptible to cyber theft than burglary, assault or robbery.

Fears over cyber crime are to be expected in the digital age, especially as 3 in 10 people have experienced fraudulent behaviour over the Internet including fraudulent emails, credit card fraud, and unauthorised bank transfers.

This said, a third of respondents were not convinced they had adequate measures in place to protect themselves from fraudulent online activity.