A gPhone to follow the sPhone at Three?

The Wall Street Journal wrote that Google will tell the world more about its plan to take over the wireless market after having captured the lionshare of online desktop search.

Google has been pushing hard to grab a share of the Wireless Spectrum in the US much to the chagrin and anger of competitors like Verizon and AT&T.

Google is also said to be interested in acquiring some spectrum in UK as well.

The Google Phones are expected to appear in 2008 as the Search Giant has been in touch with a number of hardware manufacturers like HTC and LG Electronics to integrate and customise phones.

Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.'s 3 is rumoured to be ahead of the pack in the United Kingdom.

3 has just launched a phone in partnership with Ebay's Skype and it is not far-fetched to think that the same manufacturer, Chinese Handset maker Amoi, might be involved.

oogle powered phones however will be expected to ressemble smartphones rather than a bog standard brick mobile.

The search giant will use the screen capacity to promote Google Maps, Adverts, Email, Videos and more.

Analysts say that Google might give the application layer free for anyone to use and modify - just like Apple's API-related recent announcement and it would not be surprising should Google subsidise those gPhones with free minutes or rebates.