Uruguay gets first batch of USD 100 laptops

The Uruguayan government has placed an official order for 100,000 "One Laptop Per Child" Laptops with an option for another 300,000 laptops in two years.

The initial plan was to sell the laptop for USD 100 but the notebook market has been extremely active in the last couple of years with manufacturing plants working at full capacity, meaning that production delays have affected the availability of the laptop.

This has led to a rumoured shortage of parts which in turn has had an impact on the final selling price as it soared to USD 188.

The governments of Libya and Peru are said to have purchased a batch of tens of thousands of laptops and in two weeks time, a new programme called "Give 1 Get 1" is going to allow people to purchase one laptop and give one free to a child in a developing country.

The laptop, which is scheduled to go live just a few weeks after Asus's similarly priced EEE laptop, will feature a webcam, a flash hard drive and a colour-to-black screen.

The laptop, originally snubbed by Intel and Microsoft, has since been arduously courted by the two firms.