Google to cosy up with Verizon?

Search giant Google is "in active talks with number-two U.S. mobile carrier Verizon Wireless" in order to secure precious access to Verizon's mobile phones to install its software (like Google Maps, gmail etc), according to Reuters.

The move could be considered as surprising given the recent spat between the two companies.

Earlier this month, Google vehemently and publicly attacked Verizon's attempt to "water down the 700Mhz open access rules" after Google expressed its interest in bidding for a share of the U.S. Wireless Spectrum.

Back in February 2006, a Verizon Communications executive wanted Google and other content providers to start paying to deliver their contents by using the self-justification that network builders spend billions building and maintaining the networks that content providers then use for free.

However, one thing changed the stance and forced Verizon to side with Google, at least for now. And that "thing" has a name. The iPhone.

As Larry Dignan from Zdnet explains, the US market has been radically changed by the introduction of the iPhone as Apple was able to dictate its terms and conditions rather than the opposite.

Verizon, which is second to AT&T, probably did not want to be left behind as Google pushes its gPhone platform agenda ahead.