Government ignoring threat to Internet says Lords committee

The House of Lords' Science and Technology Committee's five point plan which was submitted to the UK government and proposed a clear agenda on how to tackle e-crime and other threats to the Internet, has been bluntly ignored by the UK Government.

The Register adds that "Proposals in the committee's Personal Internet Security report included establishing a centralised and automated system for the reporting of e-crime and enacting US-style data breach notification disclosure laws."

The Earl of Erroll, a member of the committee that undertook the inquiry, said that overall the Government’s response is a huge disappointment as all the 23 recommendations proposed were dismissed.

The committee heard compelling evidence of substantial amounts of e-crime and they were entirely persuaded that individuals were unable, on their own, to continue to keep themselves secure.

They were also particularly worried that the Government does not have any tool to measure all forms of e-crime - in order to get a reliable picture of the problem - and they do not want one...

"The Government ‘do not see that there is a need’ for this" was the official reply. The Earl of Erroll likened the Government's approach to an ostrich : "putting their head in the sand.”