Microsoft baiting - part 1,045,077

Good news, fellow Netters, Microsoft - the bloatware specialist we have all come to love - has been increasing (it says here) its collaboration with law enforcement organisations in order to fight cybercrime.

Newswire reports say that Microsoft will next month start working with officers from Europol and has already begun training staff at Interpol in forensic computing and online tracking techniques.

Microsoft's chief security advisor, Roger Halbheer is quoted as saying that the software giant has had a two-year relationship with Nigeria, tackling the problem of forward fee scammers.

Speaking with VNU's newswire, he said that, following the crackdown, the scope of the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission was widened to allow the prosecution of online financial crime.

Interestingly, though, Halbheer said that rumours of back doors in Microsoft's software that could be used by government agencies to track computer activity were proven false.

And as we all know, if it's published on t'Internet folks, it must be true.

There are no back doors in Microsoft's software...