Amazon shows different SaaS configuration

UK and Canada based e-Security specialist Rozmic has launched, a fully managed and hosted email spam protection service which monitors email activity worldwide, blocking spam and threats before they reach the users inbox.

Rozmic claim that by utilising Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) server power, delivers a ‘MessageLab beating service’ at a fraction of the cost.

The service works in conjunction with all SMTP and POP3 mail servers including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, sendmail and qmail.

EC2 allows partners to utilise Amazon server capacity, thus eliminating the need to buy servers to handle peak demand.

Having access to EC2 obviates the need for redundant server capacity to meet peak need. patented technology will automatically scale itself up and down depending upon traffic levels.

Rozmic CEO Ross Cooney said “Using Amazon EC2 we can draw down processor power as we need it.

It has allowed us to build a system on a “deploy as necessary” basis which is affordable and scalable. We have side-stepped the cost implications of buying lots of servers to cover our peak periods.”