Apple sells 2 million Leopards in 4 days

In a press release, Apple has announced that that Leopard has been its most successful OS ever after the Cupertino-based firm sold or delivered more than 2 million copies in the first week.

By contrast, the previous one, Tiger, took six weeks to reach that figure and Microsoft own Operating system; Vista reached 20 million copies within the first month.

The 2 million Leopard users represent around 10% of the owners of Mac computers capable of using OS X Leopard.

But all is not rosy in Steve Jobs' world.

Rob Mead from has reported on the numerous issues that plagues early Leopard adopters, prompting rumours of Leopard being a rushed Beta OS.

First there were the “Blue Screen of Deaths” display, then reports of disappearing files, dying Wireless networks and slow systems.

Leopard's predecessor, Tiger, was more stable and less buggy according to Mac users.

On top of that, researchers from Heise Security have already discovered faults in Leopard's firewall and security system.