Is Google Open Social that bad?

CNet argues that Google's new Social networking proposal, Open Social, could potentially have devastating effect on user's privacy.

Google has released a bunch of Application Programme Interfaces or APIs whose aim is to facilitate the production of widgets that can communicate between themselves and share information with the Social networks themselves.

In effect, Google wants to implement a "write once, use everywhere" java-like ecosystem and avoid the problems caused by having multiple platforms - that what happened for example, when a developer has to code for several gaming platforms.

But the Open Social initiative is not without dangers; the members of the Open Social Initiative have to be careful not to melt in the OSI crowd and disappear.

Plaxo and Linkedin are the ones most at risk as they are highly regarded by the corporate sector.

Finally, there's also the S word, Security. It is not known, for now, whether vulnerability in one of the websites or in one of the widgets would affect the whole ecosystem.