Wal-mart launches GBP 99 Google Computer

"It's $200, with no gimmicks or subsidies," Everex spokesman David Liu said. The Everex's TC2502 gPC has lowered the entry price for desktop computers significantly.

The USD 199 (GBP 99) computer comes with a 1.5GHz Via C7-D processor, 512MB memory, a 80GB Hard disk drive, a DVD-ROM/CDRW drive, input peripherals and a gOS operating system (no, not Google's).

It is promoted as an energy efficient computer, thanks mainly to the fact that it is using a low power processor which does not generate much heat and therefore does not need a powerful cooler.

The gOS is based on a Ubuntu distribution and resembles closely earlier versions of Apple's Mac OS and comes with the full range of desktop applications like Openoffice, Skype, Firefox.

What's more, it is presented as "An alternative OS with Google Apps and other Web 2.0 apps for the masses".

The TC2502 manufacturers say that it is more responsive than Vista.

The TC2502 is available in nearly 630 stores across the US and the support team for the gOS is apparently made up of 10 members with volunteers from the Open-source community as well.

Wal-mart has yet to announce the launch of the PC outside the US (i.e. in Asda for example) and commentators are betting on a slimmer and more compact version of the gPC, similar to the Apple Mini.