Another database loss - this time in Ohio

Database hacks and losses seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment, but a potentially very nasty one occurred in the state of Ohio in late September, though the company concerned - Hartford Life Insurance - has only just notified the authorities this week.

Hartford Life Insurance is reported to have notified the Ohio Department of Insurance that it has `misplaced' three backup tapes that contain sensitive personal information of some Ohio consumers.

The company says it is notifying all the affected people and is carrying out an investigation into how the loss occurred.

Ohio Department of Insurance Director Mary Jo Hudson has reportedly given Hartford Life until November 16 to provide - in writing - how many people are affected and documentation of the company's security procedures.

It remains to be seen how bad the database loss is, but I suspect it's a biggie. Also, since these are life insurance details we're talking about - and you know how intrusive they can be - it's a real mind-bender in terms of ID theft potential...