Another Mac Malware comes to Apple users

A few days after Intego reported about a brand new Trojan horse, OSX.RSPlug.A for the Mac platform, a researcher from McAfee Avert Labs has published a blog post saying that malware writers are starting to take heed of the growing popularity of Mac computers.

The Puper family of malware which has been a Windows-only malicious code until now has started to target Mac users.

The scenario is very similar to the RSPlug.A and aims at the same audience; internet users looking for codecs to watch downloaded videos. It also uses the same procedure; you have to download and install a fake codec package.

The worrying thing is that Avert Labs has already identified dozens of different fake codec websites all over the internet.

What might make things worse is that Mac Users still believe that their platform is immune against attacks and are therefore unaware of security precautions that need to be taken.

As Allysa Myers, the blog poster puts it; this is not a drill or a proof of concept. This is happening right now.

One security commentator went as far as saying that Leopard is going to be Apple's Windows 98.