Brits send 60 bn text and set new record

Britons sent 4000 texts per second in September 2007 according to figures from the Mobile Data Association.

The MDA expects that more than 52 billion texts will be sent for 2007, well in excess of their top estimates.

The growth in text communication is partly due to the fact that companies are now seeing it as an effective way of communicating with their customers.

Barclays Bank for example sends emails to its customers each time money gets out of their current account, which means that they can stop any suspicious transaction in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, mobile phone users are encouraged to use their mobile phones (and their texting capabilities) as a payment gateway (for example to pay for parking in Westminster), to participate in games, or to keep in touch with latest news.

The MDA figures however do not shed light on how much money texts bring in for the Telecommunications sector.

MDA chairman Mike Short said: "The UK text volumes show no real signs of abating and the UK sits within the top six of the global league of countries sending text messages.