Dutch newswire hacking - heads are rolling

It looks like heads are starting to roll in the Dutch Social Affairs Ministry after the revelations about people there allegedly hacking into the GPD newswire service.

As I reported yesterday, staff from the Ministry were reported to be gaining unauthorised editing access to unpublished news stories on the Dutch GPD newswire.

This morning Piet Hein Donner, the Dutch Minister for Social Affairs, announced that several senior staff - mainly in the press relations division - had been suspended, pending an internal investigation.

Donner has not said how many peeps have been suspended, but told reporters that he "deeply regretted" what has transpired.

Late last night, meanwhile, the GPD newswire announced it plans to file a complaint about the unauthorised access to the police.

Perhaps more importantly, the Dutch Parliament has requested Donner to "clarify" the matter...