Final Talk

Dave Baker and I gave our final talk at TechEd 2007 today. The session was a deeper dive into the .NET Micro Framework and had the title "Small is Beautiful", which was not my idea..... We gave out our second free Embedded Fusion board away at the end for the best technical question.


Another satisfied customer gets the goods from Dave Baker of Microsoft.

The chap who won a board at the session on Monday came to see us.

"I'm having a problem" he said.

"Oh dear" we replied, wondering what would have stopped the board working

"Yes" he continued. "I've written a pong game for the board and I get this strange error message sometimes".

I hope we can sort him out, I reckon that if he has just taken a couple of days to get that far he is doing pretty well. If you want the resources from the talk I'll be putting them up later.


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The winner turned up at the stand and we managed to sort out his problem.

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This is his board, along with a few other MicroFramework devices

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The solution.....