Mozilla prepares for Firefox 3 Beta version

Just a few days before Mozilla officially unleashes Firefox 3 unto the rest of the world, we have had a sneak preview at the latest nightly build this morning.

Like most open source projects, Mozilla releases new versions of the browser every night although these are destined for developers and testers rather than for the general public.

You can download the files here

Firefox 3 is not very different from the existing Firefox and according to Downloadsquad, the new browser will suck in all your existing content to make the transition as painless as possible.

Should you be unhappy with FF3, you can revert back to your previous Firefox with all your previous settings maintained.

The bookmark system has been reworked and updated and has been renamed places. Other changes include a better security system and a beefed-up plugin manager.

Speaking of plugins, it will be good to see whether most plugins will need updates or not.