Professional Hackers join the outsourcing wagon

The Russian Business Network, an ISP and Web hosting provider which was based until now in St Petersburg, Russia, has been one of the main artisans of e-crime propagation on a global scale.

The organisation made money out of hosting and promoting online criminal operations like hacking, phishing, mass spamming or identity theft, providing Malware-as-a-service features.

According to Computerworld and the Washington Post, RBN has decided to move premises, delocalise and probably outsource its activities as well.

Trendmicro researchers discovered yesterday that the RBN had dropped out of the Internet although RBN like activities have been spreading all over the Asia and the Middle East in places where the legal framework to combat e-crime is very weak or inexistent.

Others like Matthew Richard, director of the rapid response team for Verisign-owned iDefense, says that RBN's customers might have wanted to take things in their own hands and look elsewhere.

They are likely to use other bullet proof hosting providers which make law enforcers and legislators tasks altogether more difficult as they are often based overseas.