Will Yahoo hijack Google's Android?

Marco Boerries, executive vice president of Yahoo's Connected Life division, made some pretty interesting comments yesterday saying that if Google's Android is open source and free to use, Yahoo (and others) could use it as their own and possibly customise it.

The remark came as Yahoo intends to concentrate on getting more deals with network operators while Google continues building its mobile platform.

Reuters has said that the deals could put Yahoo well ahead of Google and allow the firm to deliver billions of ads on mobile before Google's Android comes to life.

Android Google Phones are scheduled to appear by H2 2008 and with 33 partners already, Google is expectinig a slew of different handsets to come to the market.

Yahoo's deals include a package of service like search, e-mail and mapping from major phone makers including Nokia, Motorola, Samsung Electronics, LG Electroncis etc... Many of which are already Google partners.

The original web portal has also been busy inking deals with the likes of Vodafone and Telefonica to provide ads and web services to more than 100 million users across Europe and Latin America.