Apple releases first set of fixes for Leopard

Appleinsider reports that developers have been asked by Apple to test the first update to the Mac OS X Leopard operating system.

Amongst the applications targeted are Firewall, Spotlight, iCal, Keychain and Finder.

Leopard has been launched a few days ago and already, Apple has been busy trying to weed out any major issues that have affected the Operating System.

The update, codenamed 10.5.1 9B13 are scheduled to be released before the end of November and will probably be available as a free 267MB download for Leopard users.

Amongst the 24 or so fixes that the update pack brings to Leopard, two serious bugs that are expected to be eliminated: there's the data-loss bug Finder issue whereby the application did not check the integrity of the content being moved across partitions before deleting it.

There's also a bug that affected Time Machine which caused it to scramble as it tries to save more than 10GB.