Asus's Ultra Cheap Laptop to get big brother

In an unorthodox move, Jonathan Tseng, president of marketing at Asustek has announced that the company is mulling plans to sell a desktop version of the popular Asus EEE laptop.

The ultra small, ultra cheap laptop has been a surprise hit on many e-tailer websites with many reporting being out of stock even before the laptop had been shipped.

The easiest and most cost effective way to get a desktop version of the Asus EEE would probably be to remove the LCD screen and replace it with a TV-out.

The laptop already has a D-Sub port.

This could potentially shave around USD 50 off the price of the laptop and accelerate its time-to-market (TTM).

Another knock on effect would be that substantial savings could be made from shipping and repair costs.

Asustek could also choose cheaper parts (like the VIA C7 microprocessor) and count on economies of scale to bring the price of the desktop version of the EEE even cheaper.

Tseng also provided with figures showing that less than 1 in a 100 EEE laptops were faulty and total worldwide shipment had already reached 100,000; this will probably rise substantially with the impending launch of a Windows XP version just on time for Christmas.