Panda claims 14 per cent of PCs infected with some sort of malware

Research just published by Panda Labs claims that around 14 per cent of computers scanned last week at the Infected or Not Web site with the NanoScan and TotalScan scanners were infected with some sort of malware.

14 per cent seems a little on the high side, until you realise that the site is usually only visited by PC punters without IT security software, who are worried that their machine is infected!

Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy - it's a bit like saying that 50 per cent of people who visit an ATM are short of cash.

Either Panda is starting to lose it on the reality front, or - more likely - a PR fluffy bunny has allowed the statistics to go to his or her head and issue a press release WITHOUT THINKING.

I think I need to lie down now...