OLPC laptops to get free EA Simcity game

It looks as if the OLPC is on track to become like Dell laptops - bloated with trialware, obsolete software and time-limited demos.

Nine months after it was originally leaked out, EA has announced that they will install the 1989 version of Simcity on every one laptop per child machine.

OLPC runs Linux so it means that EA has possibly developed a Linux, open sourced version of Simcity.

Before prospective OLPC owners get all excited, have a look at the graphics over here. One has to wonder why EA gave this game for free - they could have given a free access to the online version of Simcity 4 here.

As Gizmodo and the Inquirer point out to, there's no real reason why a game that is so remotely connected to the everyday lives of the people who will use the laptop has been installed on it.

Simcity, as its names implies, is a simulation and city-building personal computer game that is nearly two decades old and many of the children that will handle the laptops do not even know what a city is let alone one used in the simulation.

However, it might end up as being a smart move from the manufacturers in the very long run. SimCity is all about managing scarce resources - something that third world citizens know all too well and it will introduce them to a concept that is alien to many of them: Democracy.


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